Motorway Projects

Sunko Proje is a pioneer in infrastructure engineering and design and offers deep expertise in highway projects. We offer a wide range of services from engineering design of motorways, highways, and rural roads to grade separated interchanges, level junction designs and tunnels. Our projects are based on the highest standards of feasibility studies and detailed engineering principles, aiming to produce sustainable and innovative solutions.

In particular, we are strengthening and developing Turkey’s road network by working with various regional directorates such as 2nd Regional Directorate General of Highways, 15th Regional Directorate General of Highways and 9th Regional Directorate General of Highways on important projects such as Milas West Ring Expressway, Karabuk Ring Expressway and Sirnak Ring Expressway. 

With our construction consultancy and supervision services, we ensure that high quality standards are maintained from inception to completion of projects and contribute to the smooth and timely delivery of projects by providing technical control services for the private and public sector.

(~1000 KM) Ongoing Projects
Project NameLengthEmployer (Country)Country (City)
Strategic Roads – Package III 612 KmSLRA, Sierra LeoneSierra Leone
Kelafo – Ferfer The Way130 KmEthiopiaKelafo – Ferfer
Rize City Crossing3 KmKGM 10.Regional DirectorateRize (TR)
(Aksaray – Güzelyurt) Segregation – Kireçlik Road8 KmKGM 3. Regional DirectorateAksaray (TR)
Şırnak – (Pervari – Narlı) Separation Road – Kalekol Access Roads87 KmKGM 9.Regional DirectorateŞırnak (TR)
Yeniköy – Kemerköy Thermal Power Plant Milas Ören Highway10 KmLİMAK ENERGY & İC İÇTAŞ ENERGYMuğla (TR)
Various Roads, Bridges and Connection Roads2 KmEREN ENERGY(TR)
Zile Yünlü Pond Service Road5 KmKGM 7.Regional DirectorateTokat (TR)
Artova-Tokat Provincial Road19 KmKGM 7. Regional DirectorateTokat (TR)
Mercan – Çat Provincial Road75 KmKGM 12. Regional DirectorateErzincan (TR)
Kozan City Crossing8 KmKGM 5.Regional DirectorateAdana (TR)
Dogansar – (Reşadiye – Koyulhisar) Separation Road26 KmKGM 16.Regional DirectorateSivas (TR)
Eruh Bağlantı Yolu9 KmKGM 9.Regional DirectorateSiirt (TR)
Taşlıçay – Diyadin Separation – Çaldıran Separation State Road54 KmKGM 12.Regional DirectorateAğrı (TR)
Kozan – Çukurköprü – Kadirli State Road23 KmKGM 5.Regional DirectorateAdana (TR)
Şırnak – (Pervari – Narlı) Separation Road45 KmKGM 9.Regional DirectorateŞırnak (TR)
(>250 KM) Completed Projects
Project NameLengthEmployer (Country)Country (City)
(Kangal – Divriği) Separation – Mursal Road17 KmKGM 16.Regional DirectorateSivas (TR)
Ayvacık – Taşova Road (Acceptance Stage)12 KmKGM 7.Regional DirectorateÇorum (TR)
Ceyhan – Çukurköprü State Road (At Acceptance Stage)36 KmKGM 5.Regional DirectorateAdana (TR)
Gürbulak – Dilucu Border Gates Between
Highway Feasibility Studies
55 KmMinistry of Interior / Governorship of AgriAğrı
(Eğirdir – Sütçüler) Separation – Kasımlar Road25 KmKGM 13.Regional DirectorateIsparta (TR)
Milas Western Ring Road14 KmKGM 2.Regional DirectorateMuğla (TR)
Karabuk Ring Road18 KmKGM 15.Regional DirectorateKarabük (TR)
Hizan – Sagınlı Separation 1st Section Road13 KmKGM 11.Regional DirectorateBitlis (TR)
(Eskisehir – Saricakaya) Separation –
Mihalgazi Road
14 KmKGM 4.Regional DirectorateEskişehir (TR)
Guzeloluk-Kirobasi Road26 KmKGM 5.Regional DirectorateAdana (TR)
Uzunköprü – Meric Road29 KmKGM 1.Regional DirectorateEdirne (TR)
Tire North Ring Road14 KmKGM 2.Regional Directorateİzmir (TR)
Balıkesir North Ring Road18 KmKGM 14.Regional DirectorateBalıkesir (TR)
Kıbrıs Street (Kahramanmaraş)