Bridge Engineering

Sunko Proje is recognised for its outstanding work in the complex and innovative field of bridge engineering. Our speciality includes the creation of unique structures with a combination of contemporary and traditional bridge designs.

Engineering Design of Special Bridges: Bridges can be structural marvels that can transform the accessibility and aesthetics of an area. As Sunko Proje, we realise the engineering design of various bridge types such as cable-stayed, post-tensioned, arch, balanced cantilever, steel and composite, in accordance with the structural and aesthetic requirements of each.

Tensioned Inclined Suspension Bridge Design: The symbol of modern engineering, the tensile sloping suspension bridge is both visually and functionally important. We apply this special design to ensure optimum strength and durability.

Balanced Cantilever Bridge Design: Cantilever bridges are ideal for bridging large spans, and Sunko Proje’s experience in this field allows for safe and aesthetic structures. We specialise in providing a stable structure even under heavy loads.

Steel Bridge Design: Steel combines flexibility and durability in engineering. Steel bridges are specially designed to meet the requirements of high traffic flow and longevity.

Post Tensioned Reinforced Concrete Bridge Design: Post-tensioned reinforced concrete bridges offer strong and effective solutions that can support long distances. This method is preferred to increase structural efficiency and optimise material use.

Pre-stressed Reinforced Concrete Bridge Design with Precast Inlet: Pre-tensioning technology has revolutionised reinforced concrete bridge construction. Sunko Proje offers innovative solutions for the design of precast inlet pre-stressed reinforced concrete bridges, combining durability and fast erection.

Sunko Proje reflects its years of experience and engineering knowledge to each bridge project with unique and functional designs. Our advanced engineering applications and creative design approach make each project a symbol rather than just a passageway. For us, each bridge is the key point of a destination.

Project NameType.Bridge LengthMaximum AperturePylon HeightServiceEmployerCity
Artvin Güreşen Oblique Suspension BridgeAsymmetric Oblique Straps360 m238 m134 mDesign and ConsultancyGeneral Directorate of HighwaysArtvin
Artvin Güreşen Balanced Cantilever BridgeBalanced Console364 m172 mDesign and ConsultancyGeneral Directorate of HighwaysArtvin
KMO (Sazlıdere) Inclined Suspension BridgeAsymmetric Oblique Straps860 m440 m190 mDesign and ConsultancyRenaissance Holding – REC Construction
Aksu Glaze Dam CrossingBalanced Cantilever Bridge360m160mDesign and Consultancy
Antalya Mevlana Interchange BridgeInterchange with Different Levels195m55mConstruction Supervision and ConsultancyAntalya Metropolitan Municipality
Söğütlüçeşme YHT Station and ViaductViaduct485mDesign and ConsultancyGeneral Directorate of State Railways
Canyon Steel Arch BridgeArch Bridge (Steel)329 m170 mDesign and Consultancy
KM:262+665 Railway Overpass, BozuyukRoad Bridge215 m55 m8 mBozüyük
Nallıhan – Dokurcun RoadRoad Bridge40 – 180 m40 m25 mNallıhan
Balıkesir V4 Viaduct ProjectRoad Bridge380 m40 m37.25 mBalıkesir
Balıkesir Courthouse Front Interchange ProjectRoad Bridge320 m35 mBalıkesir
Filyos Stream BridgeRoad Bridge320 m35 mİstanbul
Balikesir Buzaglik BridgeRoad Bridge300 m30 mBalıkesir
Karabuk Ring Road K1 Junction BridgesRoad Bridge960 m40 mKarabük
Karabuk Ring Road K2 Junction BridgesRoad Bridge1800 m40 mKarabük
Boğazköprü Railway BridgeDemiryolu Köprüsü110 m15 m
Irmak Muselles Line Railway BridgeDemiryolu Köprüsü161 m30 m
Muratlı – Güreşen Inclined Suspension Bridge Project