Consultancy and Technical Supervision

As Sunko Proje, we offer in-depth expertise and a wide range of services in the engineering and consultancy sector. We stand by you with high quality and effective solutions at every stage of your projects. Here are the details of our consultancy and technical supervision services:

Peer Review, Project Control Services: With our peer review and project control services, which are critical to the success of your projects, we ensure that your project is complete and error-free in all aspects. In this process, we minimise potential risks that may be encountered during the design and implementation phases of the project.

Design Review: During the design phase of your projects, we carry out a comprehensive design review to ensure that the design meets the highest standards in terms of functionality, safety, cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

Tender Preparation and Quantity Surveying Consultancy Services for Contractors: In the tender preparation processes for contracting companies, we help to calculate the costs of the project accurately by providing detailed exploration and quantity studies.

Feasibility Studies for PPP Projects: In Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects, we increase the success of the investment by analysing the financial and technical feasibility of the project in detail.

Field Consultancy and Technical Supervision Services: With our field consultancy and technical supervision services, we ensure that the field implementation of the project is realised as planned and at the highest quality standards. In this process, we offer project follow-up, quality control and reporting services.

Integration of Multidisciplinary Engineering Skills: By integrating the skills of different engineering disciplines in projects, we produce more effective and comprehensive solutions.

Construction Consultancy and Cost Optimisation (Value Engineering) Engineering Services: With our construction consultancy and cost optimisation studies, we increase the cost-effectiveness of your project and maximise the value of your investment.

Control and Revision of Conformity of Old Projects to New Earthquake Regulations: We evaluate the compliance of existing structures with current earthquake regulations and increase the seismic safety of structures by making necessary revisions.

As Sunko Proje, we are here to contribute to the success of your projects with our consultancy and technical supervision services. With our experience and expertise, we help you realise your projects in accordance with the highest standards.