Geological, Geotechnical Engineering and Soil Investigations

At Sunko Proje, we offer in-depth expertise and innovative solutions in the field of geological, geotechnical engineering and ground investigations. Our comprehensive range of services is based on understanding the characteristics and behaviour of the ground, ensuring that every project is built on solid foundations. Here are the details of the services we offer:

Soil Investigations, Geotechnical Analysis and Design: The success of projects is directly related to a sound ground knowledge. With ground investigations and geotechnical analyses, we ensure that your projects are planned and implemented in the most appropriate way for the ground conditions. In this process, the bearing capacity of the ground, liquefaction potential and other critical factors are examined in detail.

Preparation of Geological Reports: We prepare detailed geological reports for the area where your project will be carried out by our expert geologists. These reports ensure that the right decisions are taken from the planning stage of the project and minimise possible geological risks.

Seismic Risk Assessments and Ground Improvement Solutions: The fact that Turkey is located in a seismically active region makes it mandatory for buildings to be earthquake resistant. We protect your projects against these risks by conducting seismic risk assessments and ground improvement techniques. In this process, we apply various methods to improve the seismic behaviour of the ground.

Geotechnical Projects Cofferdams, Caissons, Pile Installations, Landslide Projects: We offer special geotechnical solutions to overcome difficult ground and geological conditions. Cofferdams and caissons are used to improve ground conditions as well as for the construction of underwater structures. With pile foundation systems, we develop reliable solutions for projects that require high bearing capacity. In areas with landslide risk, we ensure the safety of your infrastructure with landslide prevention and control projects.

Sunko Proje is at your side at every stage of your projects with its deep knowledge and technical expertise in the field of geological and geotechnical engineering. We meticulously carry out all geotechnical and ground investigations necessary to lay the foundations of safe and sustainable structures.