Tunnel Design

Sunko Proje develops comprehensive solutions in the field of tunnel design and engineering to overcome challenging geological conditions and provide safe, efficient transport routes. With our innovative design approaches and high-tech engineering solutions, we have completed many successful tunnelling projects. Here are the details about our areas of expertise:

TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) Tunnels Projects: Tunnels constructed using TBM technology enable fast and safe progress even in complex geological conditions. As Sunko Proje, we manage all processes in the design of TBM tunnels, from the selection of the most suitable machine to route planning.

NATM (New Austrian Tunnelling Method) Tunnelling Projects: NATM is a flexible and cost-effective tunnelling method. This method allows the tunnel to be shaped according to environmental conditions. Sunko Proje designs support systems and safety measures suitable for the geological conditions in NATM tunnelling projects.

Cut and Cover Tunnel Projects: The cut and cover method is a preferred tunnel construction method, especially for urban crossings. Sunko Proje offers functional tunnel solutions that are compatible with the superstructure and the environment by planning the stages of the project and the construction process in tunnels built with this method.

Tunnel Electromechanical Projects: The design of electromechanical systems is of great importance to ensure the safe and efficient operation of tunnels. The integration of critical elements such as lighting, ventilation, fire safety and emergency systems are among Sunko Proje’s areas of expertise.

Tunnel Static Projects: Static calculations and designs are of fundamental importance to ensure the structural integrity of the tunnel. Sunko Proje develops static solutions to increase the load carrying capacity and durability of the tunnel.

Tunnel Geotechnical Projects: In tunnel constructions, geological and geotechnical factors must be evaluated accurately. Sunko Proje undertakes geotechnical analyses of the tunnel route and design of ground improvement and support systems.

As Sunko Proje, we realise your projects safely with our deep experience in tunnel design and construction. Each project is shaped by our unique innovative approach and engineering excellence.

Project NameProject TypeProje UzunluğuKavşaklarTünellerBridgesHizmetİşverenŞehir
Sirnak – (Pervari – Narli) RoadState Road45 Km2 Level Crossing12 Tunnels (15 Km)Design and ConsultancyLimak ConstructionŞırnak
Şırnak – (Pervari – Narlı) Road – 12 Tunnels (15 Km)State Road45 Km2 Level Crossing12 Tunnels (15 Km)Design and ConsultancyLimak ConstructionŞırnak
Nallıhan – Dokurcun RoadRoad, Bridge and Tunnel4 Tunnels (Double Tube)21 BridgeDesign and ConsultancyGeneral Directorate of HighwaysNallıhan
Balıkesir North Ring RoadState Road18 Km6 Different Levelled Intersections2 Tunnels (2×2)4 ViaductDesign and ConsultancyGeneral Directorate of HighwaysBalıkesir
Karabuk Ring RoadState Road18 Km4 Different Levelled Intersections3 Tunnels (Total 24 km, 2×2)22 Bridges and 4 Viaducts (1095 m)Design and ConsultancyGeneral Directorate of HighwaysKarabük
Bahce – Nurdagi High Speed Train Line TunnelsRailway11 Km6.8 km Tunnel (Double Tube)Design and ConsultancyGeneral Directorate of Highways