Consultancy and Supervision Services

Sunko Proje, with its extensive engineering and consultancy experience, provides consultancy and supervision services to ensure the successful completion of projects. Aiming for quality and excellence in the construction industry, our company is committed to providing high standards of service at every stage. Here are the main services we offer:

Construction Management and Quality Control Services: We offer comprehensive construction management services to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget. Our quality control processes ensure that the highest standards are maintained at every stage of the project and customer satisfaction is maximised.

Technical Control Services (Private and Public): We provide technical control services for private and public sector projects, overseeing the realisation of projects in accordance with technical specifications and standards. These services include risk management, conformity assessment and technical consultancy at every stage of the project.

Field Manufacturing Control: With our field fabrication control services, we ensure that the fabrications are carried out in accordance with the project and quality standards at every stage of the construction process. In this process, we ensure structural integrity and safety by supervising the correct material selection, workmanship quality and application techniques.

As Sunko Proje, we lead the successful completion of your projects as planned with our consultancy and supervision services. Our expert team stands by your side at every stage of your projects by using up-to-date engineering practices and technologies. With our customer-oriented approach and technical expertise, we help you realise your projects at the highest standards.