Railway Projects

The railway is the backbone of modern transport in terms of sustainability and efficiency, and as Sunko Proje, we offer engineering excellence in projects in this field. In the rapidly developing railway sector, we undertake the engineering design of various projects such as High Speed Train Lines, Conventional Lines, and Interconnection Lines.

High Speed Railway Projects: High-speed railway networks strengthen connections between cities and accelerate economic growth. As Sunko Proje, we are involved in all processes from planning to implementation of high speed railway lines. By combining aerodynamic design principles with advanced engineering technologies, we offer passengers comfortable and fast travelling opportunities.

Conventional Line Projects: Conventional lines, which form the backbone of railway transport, are vital for urban and regional connections. In the engineering design of these lines, we adopt the highest safety and durability standards for both freight and passenger transport. Our innovative approaches ensure that the lines operate at maximum efficiency.

Intersection Lines Projects: Increasing the efficiency of railway networks, subdivision lines are critical for extending existing railway lines or providing access to new industrial areas. Sunko Proje carries out the integration of these lines in a meticulous manner, taking into account local conditions and needs.

Sunko Proje’s railway engineering services build not only roads, but also the future of societies. Each track is a step towards a sustainable and connected world. With innovative solutions in our projects, Sunko Proje aims to make railway transport safer, faster and more comfortable.

Project NameLengthEmployerCity
Horasan – Gurbulak Border Gate Railway
Feasibility Studies (Completed)
262 KmMinistry of Interior /
Ağrı Governorate
Ağrı (TR)
Söğütlüçeşme YHT Station and Viaduct
(In Acceptance Phase)
1 KmTCDD 2nd Regional Directorateİstanbul (TR)
Eskisehir – Konya Railway Level Elevation (In Acceptance Phase)8 KmTCDD 7th Regional DirectorateEskişehir (TR)
Irmak Muselles Railway (In Acceptance Phase)9 KmTCDD 2nd Regional DirectorateAnkara (TR)
Polatli OIZ and Polatli Trade OIZ Railway (Completed)12 kmTCDD 2nd Regional DirectorateAnkara (TR)
Lalahan Railway5 KmTCDD 4th Regional DirectorateAnkara (TR)
Havza and Suluova Railway5 KmTCDD 4th Regional DirectorateAmasya (TR)
Malatya-Diyarbakir Railway6 KmTCDD 5th Regional DirectorateMalatya –
Diyarbakır (TR)
Bogazkopru Railway Interconnection Line6,5 KmTCDD 2nd Regional DirectorateKayseri (TR)