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Sunko Proje was founded in 1999 and has become one of Turkey’s leading companies in the engineering and consultancy field with its 21 years of profound history. Since its inception, it has contributed to the country’s infrastructure and development by offering groundbreaking solutions in both government and private sector projects.

The cornerstone of the company is its multidisciplinary engineering approach and the innovative technologies integrated into its projects. Sunko Proje has successfully realized projects in a wide range of areas, including highway, railway, architectural, bridge engineering, coastal and port engineering, geological, geotechnical engineering and soil investigations, tunnel design, consulting, technical supervision, consultancy, and inspection services.

Our journey, which began in 2012 with the POSCO-ASSAN Cooling Tower and the Bandırma Port Creek Rehabilitation and Sea Discharge projects, continued in 2013 with over 300 bridge, underpass, and overpass projects. Projects like the Diyarbakır Bypass Viaducts and Bridges, and the Tuzla Shipyard Complex Dry Dock Repair, are indicators of our deep knowledge and experience in the engineering field.

In 2014, Sunko Proje successfully completed the Mevlana Cantilever Bridge with a span of 55 meters, followed by the Deriner Dam Ferry Pier and the Tonguç Tunnel Junction in 2015. By accomplishing projects like the Earthquake Resilience of BOTAŞ Dörtyol Pier and the Mudanya Güzelyalı Marina Development Plan in 2016, it has cemented its expertise in the field. The same year, it received the ISO 9001 Certificate as a sign of quality.

After 2017, it has signed off on significant projects such as seven spur structures in the Antalya region, ring roads in three cities, and military-purpose border security roads, expanding its work domain with projects like the Karabük Ring Road and the Akçakoca Fishery Harbor. In 2018, it embarked on giant projects like the 238-meter span Güreşen Dam Asymmetric Inclined Suspension Bridge Project, bringing its innovative engineering solutions to the international stage.

Over 21 years, Sunko Proje has found solutions to Turkey’s most challenging engineering problems, marking countless successful projects both nationally and internationally. Our future goals include keeping up with innovations in engineering and consultancy, leading the sector, and making the world a more livable place with our projects.

Our Service Figures
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Our Mission

As Sunko Proje, our mission is to implement quality, safe, and sustainable infrastructure projects that meet the needs of our clients and society by providing innovative engineering and consultancy solutions. We aim to create economic and environmental value through our projects while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction and enhancing the quality of life for people. Utilizing our expertise in the sector and our technological capabilities to find effective solutions to challenging engineering problems and completing projects on time and within budget is our priority.

Our Vision

The vision of Sunko Proje is to achieve and maintain a leading position in the engineering and consultancy sector both nationally and internationally. By embracing the principles of innovation, sustainability, and excellence, our main goal is to keep up with the innovations in the sector, provide societal and environmental benefits through our projects, and thereby make our world a more livable place. We aim to offer groundbreaking solutions in infrastructure projects using the latest technology and methods, and to earn the trust of our clients. Leading the changes in the sector and leaving a lasting mark in the field of engineering form the cornerstone of our vision.