Architectural Projects

Sunko Proje is a pioneering company aiming for excellence in architectural design and construction. Our areas of expertise span a wide range and we provide quality service at every stage of the projects.

Building Soil Investigation and Drilling Operations: Detailed examination of the ground, which forms the foundation of the building, is critical for the robustness and longevity of the project. As Sunko Proje, we analyse all kinds of ground structures by using the most advanced investigation and drilling techniques and ensure that the projects rise safely.

Preparation of Static, Electrical, Mechanical and Architectural Projects: We produce aesthetic and functional architectural solutions from static to electrical and mechanical systems design by exhibiting an integrated approach at every stage from design to implementation of the projects. Each discipline is carefully handled by our expert engineers and architects.

Expertise in Steel, Concrete and Composite Building Systems: Finding the balance between structural durability and aesthetic appearance is our job. We specialise in a wide range of materials from steel to concrete, composite materials to modern building technologies. Sunko Proje develops innovative and sustainable building solutions for structures of all sizes.

Project Management and Planning: Managing complex projects requires meticulous planning and project management skills. Sunko Proje makes detailed planning for each project and optimises time and budget management to ensure the success of projects.

Construction Management and Quality Control Services: It is indispensable for us to ensure that quality standards are kept at the highest level at every stage of the construction process. Sunko Proje’s experienced construction management team meticulously manages the quality control processes, ensuring that the projects are completed flawlessly as designed.

Each architectural design and construction project is shaped by Sunko Proje’s experience in the sector and innovative perspective. We are here to realise your dreams at high standards.

Project NameStudiesServiceEmployerCity
POSCO-ASSAN Cooling TowerCooling Tower, Compressor Building, Heat Centre, Detail and Application ProjectsDesign and Consultancy
Tuzla Shipyard Command Dry Dock Repair ProjectRepair Projects, Core/Concrete Tests, Underwater Video, Survey, Dry Dock Design, Semi Wet SlidewayDesign and ConsultancyTuzla
Botaş Petroleum Pier Reinforcement ProjectD3 Earthquake Factor, Evaluation and reinforcement design, Cost analysis, Bid documentsDesign and ConsultancyBOTAŞ
Ordu – Unye Port Development ProjectPort Operation Plan, Architectural/Static/Mechanical/Electrical Projects, Fire Protection, Bathymetry, EIA, Breakwater, Drilling, Zoning/Feasibility, Quantity/Cost AnalysisDesign and ConsultancyOrdu
Artvin Deriner Dam Ortaköy and Gümüşhane PiersMechanical Scaffolding Design, Geotechnical Report, Technical Documents/Specifications, Tender Documents, Quantity Survey/Cost AnalysisDesign and ConsultancyArtvin
TCDD Ankara Locomotive Maintenance and Repair BuildingPrefabricated Maintenance Building Architectural and Static ProjectsDesign and ConsultancyTCDDAnkara
TCDD Kayseri Railway Station and Loading/Warehousing PlatformProject Area 5000 m2, Concrete PavementDesign and ConsultancyTCDDKayseri
Design of MSB Izmir Shipyard No. 3 and No. 4 Mooring LotsDesign and Consultancy ServicesDesign and ConsultancyMSBİzmir
MSB İzmir Shipyard Cemal Pier Strengthening ProjectDesign and Consultancy ServicesDesign and ConsultancyMSBİzmir
Eskisehir Traffic Training TrackEducation Roads, Service Buildings, Landscaping, Architectural Design, Infrastructure Projects, Quantity/Cost Analysis, Tender DocumentsDesign and ConsultancyEskişehir
Ağrı Provincial Police Headquarters Service BuildingMimari, Statik, Peyzaj, Elektrik, Mekanik Projeleri, Zemin Etütleri, Geoteknik Tasarım, Metraj/Keşif, İhale DokümanlarıDesign and ConsultancyAğrı
Industry and Service Facilities