The Shadow of Terrorism was Dispelled with the Success of the Project: New Road and Tunnels to Bestler-Dereler Region

According to the news in CNN Türk, the Bestler-Dereler region, whose project is being carried out with great care, is now stepping into a new era after years of terrorism. In this region, which is located in a critical position between Şırnak and Van, road and tunnel constructions are progressing rapidly. Our project reduces the distance between the two cities from 390 kilometres to 190 kilometres, making life easier for the people of the region and opening the door to economic and social development.

This vital project, which the terrorist organisation PKK tried to block, gained momentum thanks to the determined struggle of our security forces and the resolute stance behind the project. Infrastructure works in the Bestler-Dereler region accelerated even more after the region was cleared of terrorism. With the completion of the road and tunnel construction between Şırnak and Van, the people of the region will be able to continue their livestock breeding and transhumance activities in safety, while at the same time the terrorist movement area in the region will be significantly restricted.

This project will make a significant contribution to the socio-economic development of the region, beyond being just a physical infrastructure project. It will also facilitate access to Habur, one of Turkey’s most important border gates, and pave the way for national and international trade. With 12 tunnels and security towers planned for road safety, the project will change the face of the region in terms of both security and transport.

With the completion of the road and tunnel construction, the journey time is expected to decrease from 6 hours to 2 hours. This will be a great advantage for the people of the region as well as for the investments and export activities to be carried out in the region. While the project brings investment, production and employment opportunities to the region, it is also seen as an important step in the fight against terrorism.

This important transformation in the Bestler-Dereler region is a great source of hope for the improvement of the living standards of the people of the region and for the future of the region. We firmly believe that our project will lead the region and our country to a safer and more prosperous future.